Pariah EP

by mselasco

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All words and music by Martin Selasco.


released December 16, 2011




mselasco Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: From a cold and distant mountaintop
Through the woods I'm stalking.
Pines and oak keep talking to me.
Whisper son don't hurry,
One day you'll have no more worries.

Goin' down, goin' down... South.
Gonna fill, gonna fill... my mouth.
Maybe I'll be yours, when the Sun is shining.
Baby, I'll be yous, when the river runs free.

Hear the distant howling.
Heart's a heavy drum-a-pounding.
Fires keep on burning,
Birds keep singing, world keeps turning.

Lay me down, lay me down... to die
Meet me in the, meet me in the... sky
Maybe I'll be yours, when the sun is shining.
Baby, I'll be yours, when the river runs free.
Track Name: Ghost dream
I saw a ghost
Flying out of a raindrop,
It said to me,
"You better hold on to the ones that you love"
So much for losing time,
Mother's got that look in her eye.
Somewhere in the sea,
You got to learn to figure it out.
Track Name: The day I started running
The day I started running from the law,
The law it started running after me,
And since that day I've never felt so free,
But I've also felt the darkest, deepest, coldest misery...

'Cuz there's a man on every corner with a gun,
A gun to kill and a taser just for fun.
He's going after people on the street,
But me I'll keep on running, I'll run up into a tree.

No one's gonna put me in a cell,
a cubicle, or even a motel.
Fuck that! I'm not living in a hell.

The day I started living in a tree,
The law it seemed to stay away from me.
Until the day they came to cut it down,
They needed wood to build another prison back in town.

Stuck up there with nowhere else to go,
I kept real quiet and slowly grabbed my bow.
They never even heard the arrows fly,
They just lay there trembling as they watched each other die.

No one's gonna put me in a cell,
A cubicle, or even a motel.
Fuck that! I'm not living in a hell.

The next day I awoke to my surprise,
Hand grenades and tanks before my eyes.
Did I live or die? I cannot say.
But my spirit stalks the shadows of the forest to this day.

No one's gonna put me in a cell,
A cubicle, or even a motel.
Fuck that! I'm not living in a hell.
Fuck that! I'm not living in your hell.
Track Name: Eyes in the Oak
When you sleep
I can hear you breathe,
It's in the desert wind.

In the burning coals,
That's where I lay my feet,
'til they turn hard like stone.

Are there eyes in the oak trees?
Track Name: Pariah
Through the cracks in a boarded up window shines a hot sun. There is a round in the chamber of your pump action shotgun. Shut you mouth, son, it ain't no time to speak. Fighting makes you hungry, but prayer makes you weak. Wait 'til sunset and head down to the creek. There's fallen angels on the run.

Under the cover of the night you can sneak past this ghost town. Hike the cold hard mile along the tracks, headed westbound. Don't shut your eyes, son, it ain't no time to sleep. The path ahead is rugged, the mountain's cruel and steep. It's rocks will cut you open, jagged, sharp, and deep. There ain't no Lord to help you now.

Way out past the rattlesnake canyon lives a blind man. He rolls a smoke and pours a strong, thick moonshine from a gas can. Drink up now, child, you're a long ways from home. Company's a luxury, you're bound to be alone. The highway's far too dusty for a lonesome soul to roam. Poor folk were driven from this land.
Track Name: Crack cocaine
I went into the valley just to buy some crack cocaine.
I drove into the city just to take away the pain.
Well my mother said don't go there boy don't play that stupid game.
But once you've had enough of it you'll never be the same.

I'm insane...
Crack cocaine!

I went into the forest, no crack cocaine.
They offered me some mushrooms, but it was not the same.
Jesus came up onto me, he came to me and said,
"If you smoke that crack cocaine, I'm sure you'll end up dead"

It's in my head...
Crack cocaine!

I saw Jesus...
Yes, I've seen the Lord...

Doo, doo, doo....
Doo, doo, doo....

It's in my brain!
Crack cocaine.
Track Name: Time
Hold me until I wake up in bed again.
You were only five, sleeping in the hive
And it's still all in my head, you said
Make it home alive. I could only try
And I will swim to the riverbed,
Hoping if I do, it takes me back to you,
But these waters are filled
With plastic bags, burning heads
Telling me it's true, I'll find something new.

But these abstract constructions are all in your mind.
A nostalgic seduction that's easy to find,
Like a psychic abduction that's played in rewind,
I keep thinking of you just to pass the time.
I keep thinking of you just to pass the time.

Time won't stand still, bakers will bake their bread.
Sharpening his knife, the butcher takes a life.
When you kill, it's easy not to forget.
I said I would try, feelings never die
But they will haunt you for life instead.
Maybe that's a lie, laugh until you cry
And these moments send chills,
I feel it all in my head,
Running down my spine,
Tangled like a vine.

But this holy creation is all in my mind.
A lucid sensation that's easy to find.
A new medication, you know you're alive.
I keep thinking of you just to pass the time.
I keep thinking of you just to pass the time.
I keep thinking of you just to pass the time...